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Servo accelerometer

Servo accelerometer.jpg

Forced Balanced Accelerometers providing the highest resolution possible. (better than 0.0005%FRO). Forced balanced sensor have ranges from ±0.1g to ±100g.


MEM sensor.jpg

MEM’S accelerometers are manufactured on the basis of capacitive and piezo-resistive technology. Both technologies exist as uniaxial and triaxial sensors, whereby the capacitive sensors mainly cover small measurement ranges of +/- 1 g to +/- 200 g – temperature-compensated with signal enhancement – and the piezo-resistive sensors are employed with measurement ranges up to +/- 2000 g in crash tests. The measurement principle is a full bridge.



The piezo-resistive sensors (full bridge) can be used in the IMU-C for automobile safety crash tests with measuring ranges up to+/- 2000g. The gyro-sensors’ measuring ranges start at 900°/s and 1500°/s, other measuring ranges will follow shortly. These sensors have a differential output signal and can of course be equipped with Dallas and shunt.



The measurement ranges extend from 75 degree per second (BST 83GxM) to 2700 degree per  second (BST 83GxC). An unregulated supply voltage between 5 V and 28 V is possible. You receive an amplified and temperature compensated (-20° to 80°C) signal output. A triaxial mounting block for our very small uniaxial sensor is available.

 Thanks to a longer operational life and the reduced possibility of repairs you could save on costs and labour. Sensors for standard applications or for special applications – invite an offer from us. Just give us a call, use the contact form or write us an e-mail.

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