Forced balance inclinometer

Wireless inclinometer

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Forced balanced inclinometer are high precision inclinometers, designed to measure horizontal and vertical angular inclination with virtually infinite resolution. Our inclinometers provide reliable, highly accurate, tilt and inclination measurements and are used in demanding military and industrial applications where the inclinometers provide high precision angular measurements.

The WTS; Wireless Tilt System is a flexible, all-weather radio telemetry system designed to provide high accuracy remote angle measurement data. The WTS enables surveyors, geotechnical specialists and structural engineers to record and log data remotely without the cost and impracticality of traditional wired methods. The wireless inclinometer is available in single or dual axis version with normal WiFi or LORA.

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MEMS based inclinometer

We offer both analogue and digital inclinometers (tilt sensors) that utilise MEMS technology. Each can measure positive and negative inclination from +/-0° to +/-90° in one and two axis configurations. You can get the exact sensor required for your application by choosing the angle range, bandwidth, analogue or digital electrical output and more.

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