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Optical Distance 


Laser distance sensors

Model: ABLDS8

Sensor ABLDS8 operate using proven Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) and are characterized by high sensing ranges and detection ranges. Contained within the compact housing of the 28 series of light barriers, it offers all of the properties of PRT such as maximum reliability when detecting objects and immunity against ambient light and cross-talk. What's more, the sensors are equipped with red light that is safe for the human eye as standard, making it easier to align the devices, even across expansive work areas.

Main Features

  1. Extremely long detection range paves the way for new applications

  2. Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT)

  3. Analog output 4 - 20 mA

  4. Visible light source for easy alignment

  5. Minimal black-white difference

  6. Absolutely reliable background suppression

Safety Information

The irradiation can lead to irritation especially in a dark environment. Do not point at people! Caution: laser light, do not observe laser light with optical instruments such as magnifying glasses, microscopes, telescopes or binoculars. Maintenance and repairs should only be carried out by authorized service personnel!


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